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; Copyright © 2021 Stephen Starkey
; This file is part of Freefrog.
; Freefrog is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
; (at your option) any later version.
; Freefrog is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
; along with this program. If not, see <>.
(ns freefrog.lang-spec
(:require [clj-yaml.core :as yaml]
[freefrog.governance :as g]
[freefrog.lang :as l]
[java-time :refer [local-date]]
[speclj.core :refer :all])
(:import (freefrog GovernanceParseException)))
;; Monkey patch clj-yaml to do nice encoding of dates and defrecords
(ns clj-yaml.core
(:require [java-time :refer [local-date]]))
(defn encode-without-nils [data]
(encode (into {} (remove (comp nil? second) data))))
(extend-protocol YAMLCodec
(encode [data] (encode-without-nils data))
(encode [data] (encode-without-nils data)))
(ns freefrog.lang-spec)
(defn governance [name]
(slurp (str "spec/freefrog/lang/" name "-governance.txt")))
(def sample-anchor-circle (g/create-circle "Courage Labs"))
(def expiration-date (local-date 2014 01 01))
(def very-governed-circle
(-> sample-anchor-circle
(g/add-role-to-circle "Benefit Context Link"
(str "The Organization as a provider of General "
"Public Benefit")
#{(str "Representing the Benefit Context within"
" the Organization")})
(g/add-role-to-circle "Investor Context Link"
(str "The Organization as an effective investment "
"vehicle for its investors")
#{(str "Representing the Investor Context within "
"the Organization")})
(g/add-role-to-circle "Environmental Impact Context Link"
(str "The Organization as a good steward of the "
#{(str "Representing the Environmental Impact "
"Context within the Organization")})
(g/update-purpose "General public benefit")
(g/add-role-to-circle "Partner Matters"
"Bringing in and making Partners happy")
(g/appoint-to-role "Partner Matters" "Joe Schmoe" "Contracts")
(g/add-role-to-circle "Accounting"
"Spending money responsibly"
["Checkbook", "Credit Cards"]
["Telling people how much money there is to spend"
"Paying people"
"Reimbursing for expenses"
"Depositing income"])
(g/appoint-to-role "Accounting" "Jill Schmidt")
(g/add-role-to-circle "Products"
"Building cool products to sell"
["Communicating product direction"
"Gathering customer needs"])
(g/convert-to-circle "Products")
(g/convert-to-circle "Partner Matters")
(g/update-role-purpose "Partner Matters"
"Ensuring we have the right Partners")
(g/add-role-domain "Partner Matters" "Addition/Removal of Partners")
"Partner Matters"
"Creating policies for addition and removal of partners")
(g/elect-to-role g/facilitator-name "bill" expiration-date)
(g/elect-to-role g/secretary-name "jill" expiration-date)
(g/update-subcircle ["Products"] g/add-role
(g/map->Role {:rname "Product Analyzer"}))))
(describe "Parsing governance"
(it "should ignore comments"
(should= () (l/parse-governance "--this is fun\n")))
(it "should allow double quotes in comments"
(should= () (l/parse-governance "--this is fun \"stuff\"\n"))))
(describe "Executing governance documents"
(it "should throw nice errors for bad parsing"
(should-throw GovernanceParseException
(str "Parse error at line 1, column 32:\nconvert role \"Partner "
"Matters\" to a circle.\n ^\n"
"Expected:\n\"into a\"\n")
(l/execute-governance "convert role \"Partner Matters\" to a circle.")))
(it "should be able to create a new anchor circle without crosslinks"
(should= (g/create-circle "Courage Labs")
(l/execute-governance "CREATE ANCHOR CIRCLE \"Courage Labs\".")))
(it "should be able to create a new anchor with special characters"
(should= (g/create-circle "Courage & Labs!@#$%^&*()")
"CREATE ANCHOR CIRCLE \"Courage & Labs!@#$%^&*()\".")))
(it "should not allow nonsense in role/circle conversions"
(should-throw GovernanceParseException
"Cannot convert circle into a circle."
(str "create anchor circle \"place\".\n"
"create role \"Thing\" with purpose \"stuff\".\n"
"convert role \"Thing\" into a circle.\n"
"convert circle \"Thing\" into a circle.\n"))))
(should-throw GovernanceParseException
"Cannot convert role into a role."
(str "create anchor circle \"place\".\n"
"create role \"Thing\" with purpose \"stuff\".\n"
"convert role \"Thing\" into a role.\n")))))
(it "should do all the governance"
(should= very-governed-circle
(l/execute-directory "spec/freefrog/lang/basic")))
(describe "governing subcircles"
(it "won't allow multiple subcircles to be governed in one document"
(should-throw GovernanceParseException
#"Parse error at line 3, column 1:\ngovern circle \"Partner Matters\".*"
(governance "multiple-subcircle"))))
(it "won't allow subcircle governance except as the first statement"
(should-throw GovernanceParseException
#"Parse error at line 2, column 1:\ngovern circle \"stuff\".*"
"create role \"things\".\ngovern circle \"stuff\".\n"))))
(describe "Courage Labs Governance smoke test"
(with-all result (l/execute-directory "spec/freefrog/lang/courage_labs"))
(it "should be able to execute all Courage Labs Governance"
(println (yaml/generate-string @result)))))