Make sure mount points are mounted.. sometime after startup..
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Sometimes things in your /etc/fstab can’t mount at startup. They have to be mounted a bit later. You can run this binary in your crontab to mount those things.


First, install Chicken Scheme.

Then, run ./install-deps to install all the eggs this project requires.


After preparing, simply run ./build

A binary called ensure-mounted will show up in the output directory.


Put the binary somewhere and run it from your crontab.

Here’s an example cron line:

*  *    * * *   root    /usr/local/bin/ensure-mounted > /var/log/mounts.log 2>&1

configuring your fstab

If you run the program without configuring your fstab, it will complain. Surround the mount declarations you want to ensure stay mounted between delimiters like so:

#== ensure-mounted
//<my-nas>/<my-share> /mnt/slow cifs noauto,credentials=/home/<myuid>/.creds,noexec,rw,uid=<myuid>,file_mode=0600,dir_mode=0700 0 1
#== ensure-mounted-end


Only the first #== ensure-mounted block will be used.