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  sstarkey 258c8609c9 Extracted a bunch of environment display logic 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey c585ef8efa Documentation cleanup 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey bc7cb44644 Masked values of secrets that can't be parsed using tfn 1 year ago
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  Stephen Starkey e1a8c48ecf Modernized builds 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey efbb369d1a Whitespace handling in parse-map 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey d22cc8ee5c Added documentation for parse-map 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey 6d43f5afc1 Added map parsing function 1 year ago
  sstarkey 0847fec9aa Removed unnecessary comment block 1 year ago
  sstarkey d7abf0517f Made vars actually dynamic 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey 4f98dbc644 Updated project documentation 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey 8b8c518c06 Removed useless documentation 1 year ago
  Stephen Starkey 40953e01b6 Updated docs. Changed project website. 1 year ago
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  sstarkey 0f4aef52b5 Cleaned up README 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey 7e636b9a03 Works with Clojure 1.9 and Java 11 2 years ago
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  Stephen Starkey aafddceb9a Documentation updates 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey 882beafdf6 Updated API docs 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey 990497276c Upgrading outdated libs 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey c4988236ed Backwards compatibility 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey bedd8dde64 Generated environment variable documentation 2 years ago
  Stephen Starkey b0720296c5 Port from fossil 2 years ago
  scstarkey 34bb2e8b39 Heading 2 years ago
  scstarkey 45d7a9ed6d Prereqs 2 years ago
  scstarkey be78451372 Called out license more clearly 2 years ago
  scstarkey 8693bae134 Does the complex anchor work? 2 years ago
  scstarkey b6b20a2464 Better version 2 years ago
  scstarkey 07c646529d Trying one more CORS check 2 years ago
  scstarkey 27814c4da3 Updated badge to CORS url 2 years ago
  scstarkey 5835bffe64 Trying PNG badge 2 years ago
  scstarkey ae96cab7bb That didn't work 2 years ago
  scstarkey a35ce9a8f9 Trying to fix the badge 2 years ago
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